Freshly baked bread every day

More than just a bread shop in Newcastle

Freshness and flavour, guaranteed!

You want the best for your family, and at Newcastle French Bread House we believe that the freshness of food isn’t just about when it was made, but the ingredients that were used to make it. Our special bread shop in Newcastle ensures all of our ingredients are of the highest quality, before being hand made into the bakery favourites that our customers love. So if you’re after traditional home-style breads, sweet delights to tempt your taste buds or a custom-designed cake for your next special occasion, just stop by our bread shop and our friendly staff can show you what we have to offer.



Established as an exclusive bread shop in Newcastle, Newcastle French Bread House offers friendly service and a delicious range of bakery products, made fresh on the premises daily.

  • Fresh bread
  • Sweet and savoury delights
  • Custom-designed cakes

About us

At Newcastle French Bread House, we believe baking is an art. We take the time to lovingly prepare our fresh bread, cakes and other bakery goods from scratch, so that we can guarantee freshness and flavour from all of our delicious products.

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